British Columbia, West Vancouver and Squamish May 2004

After seeing the documentary "In the Shadow of the Chief", about the first two nutters (I mean rock climbers) to climb the 650m granite wall in Squamish, I decided it was time for a visit to Squamish. I've been there several times before but never as a rock climber. This time I did some climbing, took a sport lead course and also hung out in West Vancouver a bit. Oh, and Ray came along too 'cause there has to be someone on the other end of the rope :-) It rained quite a bit so we didn't get to do as much climbing as we'd like to. Still, it's always great to be surrounded by mountains! The cabin in Squamish was terrific, located almost 700m up on the side of a mountain and having it's own hydro-electric generating station. Cool!